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Tahitian Tiare Flower

The sweet Tiare flower — a type of Gardenia — is native to, and the emblem of, Tahiti where young women tuck the fragrant white blossom behind their ear… with symbolism attached to which ear it is placed behind, and what direction it faces.

Believed to relieve migraines and earaches, some forms of eczema and even heal wounds, the Tahitian Tiare is like no other flower on the planet, with a heavy, sweet hypnotic fragrance that is utterly captivating. Our rendition is a veritable swoon in a bottle.

This fragrance is a strong, true version of the flower and soaps amazingly well. Gardenia is generally a very difficult scent to use in cold process soap, as it tends to change badly in the presence of lye but this version is incredible. In our tests it did accelerate slightly at 110 °F but was very manageable. No morphing or fading, and the scent seemed to get even better as the soap cured. Very strong.

Packaged in HDPE containers.

Characteristics & Performance




Product Code:


Quality Assurance

Clarity & Color:

A clear yellow liquid.



Refractive Index @ 20°C:

1.5000 - 1.5200

Specific Gravity @ 25°C:

0.0.9715 - 0.9915

Performance in CP Soap

Scent Strength:

Very Strong at 0.7 Oz./Lb. of base oils.


Slight at 110 °F but very manageable.


None noted.


No morphing or fading and seemed to get even better in the cure.

Available from Stock.

Tahitian Tiare Flower fragrance oil 7436-0017

Tahitian Tiare Flower (1 Oz. Sampler) 7436-0417$6.50
Tahitian Tiare Flower (4 Oz.) 7436-0617$17.00
Tahitian Tiare Flower (8 Oz.) 7436-0717$26.25
Tahitian Tiare Flower (16 Oz.) 7436-0817$40.25
Tahitian Tiare Flower (32 Oz.) 7436-0917$77.50
Tahitian Tiare Flower (4 Lb.) 7436-5017$147.25
Tahitian Tiare Flower (8 Lb.) 7436-1017$279.00
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