Stress Relief

Along with Yoga, Meditation, Body Work and Relaxation Techniques, fragrances are powerful allies in the battle against the rigors of modern life. This lovely and soothing scent is a perfect foil in the battle to ward off the inevitable toll stress takes on the body and the soul.

Opening notes are comprised of a fresh citrus bouquet of bergamot, grapefruit and orange; middle notes of cornmint, fresh ozone; and a dry down of woods and sandalwood support and balance the blend.

Very upscale, very relaxing and a delightful best-selling spa scent.

And it's phthalate-free, too!

Packaged in HDPE containers.

Characteristics & Performance




Product Code:


Quality Assurance


A clear, pale yellow liquid.



Refractive Index @ 20°C:

1.4665 - 1.4865

Specific Gravity @ 25°C:

0.9335 - 0.9535

Performance in CP Soap

Scent Strength:

Powerful at 0.7 Oz./Lb. of base oils.


None noted in our standardized tests but some users have reported acceleration (significant in some cases) so keep your temperatures low just in case.


None noted.


Soaps well and really holds up.


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Stress Relief fragrance oil 7437-0036

Stress Relief (1 Oz. Sampler) 7437-0436$5.25
Stress Relief (4 Oz.) 7437-0636$14.25
Stress Relief (8 Oz.) 7437-0736$21.75
Stress Relief (16 Oz.) 7437-0836$33.50
Stress Relief (32 Oz.) 7437-0936$65.00
Stress Relief (4 Lb.) 7437-5036$123.50
Stress Relief (8 Lb.) 7437-1036$234.00
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