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Another Scent-Works.com First!

In response to requests and questions we've had from customers,
The Scent Works is happy to be the first to offer the following
fragrances that have been formulated without chemicals from the
group known as phthalates.

While all of our fragrances are formulated according to IFRA
and FDA guidelines, we still are sensitive to customers who prefer to offer products that don't have
phthalates. For example, many soapers chose to use animal products like lard, tallow and emu oil; others
prefer vegan sources alone.

For more information on phthalates, please visit the U.S. Food & Drug Administration website.

Also, see the IFRA Position Paper on Phthalates for important information on this controversial subject.


Alo' Ani™ fragrance oilAlo' Ani™ fragrance oil
Balsamic Amber-Revised fragrance oilBalsamic Amber-Revised fragrance oil
Better Performance!

Bamboo Ji™ fragrance oilBamboo Ji™ fragrance oil
Berry Pucker-up (Shaw Mudge® brand) fragrance oilBerry Pucker-up (Shaw Mudge® brand) fragrance oil
Botanical Hemp™ fragrance oilBotanical Hemp™ fragrance oil
Bourbon Geranium fragrance oilBourbon Geranium fragrance oil
Bronze Scuppernong™ fragrance oilBronze Scuppernong™ fragrance oil
Bubba Grapes™ fragrance oilBubba Grapes™ fragrance oil
[compare to Philosophy® Baby Grace®-brand]

Cactus Flower Honey™ fragrance oilCactus Flower Honey™ fragrance oil
Café Valenciano™ fragrance oilCafé Valenciano™ fragrance oil
California Navel Orange fragrance oilCalifornia Navel Orange fragrance oil
Cannellini Ricci™ fragrance oilCannellini Ricci™ fragrance oil
Caramel Cream Latté™ fragrance oilCaramel Cream Latté™ fragrance oil
Clean for Men™ fragrance oilClean for Men™ fragrance oil
[compare to the DLish-brand]

Click to enlargeCranberry Tart
Crape Myrtle fragrance oilCrape Myrtle fragrance oil
Daphne Bouquet™ fragrance oilDaphne Bouquet™ fragrance oil

Evening in Paris® Original Vintage fragrance oilEvening in Paris® Original Vintage fragrance oil
[compare to Bourjois®-brand]

Eve's Obsession™Eve's Obsession™
[compare to B&BW® Irresistible Apple®-brand]

Frost Apple™ fragrance oilFrost Apple™ fragrance oil
Ginger Lime fragrance oilGinger Lime fragrance oil
Ginger Soufflé fragrance oilGinger Soufflé fragrance oil
Gingered Honey Syrup™ fragrance oilGingered Honey Syrup™ fragrance oil
Gooseberry Ginger™ fragrance oilGooseberry Ginger™ fragrance oil
Honeyed Chocolate fragrance oilHoneyed Chocolate fragrance oil
[compare to B&BW® Chocolate Amber®-brand]

Honeysuckle Rose fragrance oilHoneysuckle Rose fragrance oil
Inlet Lakegrass™ fragrance oilInlet Lakegrass™ fragrance oil
Jonquil™ fragrance oilJonquil™ fragrance oil
Just-ripe Banana fragrance oilJust-ripe Banana fragrance oil
Lemon Geranium fragrance oilLemon Geranium fragrance oil
Light Muscovado Sugar™ fragrance oilLight Muscovado Sugar™ fragrance oil
Click to enlargeLily Of The Valley
L'Origan Original Vintage fragrance oilL'Origan Original Vintage fragrance oil
[compare to the Coty®-brand]

Lost Empire's Incense™ fragrance oilLost Empire's Incense™ fragrance oil
Madonna Lily™ fragrance oilMadonna Lily™ fragrance oil

Maori Passion Fruit fragrance oilMaori Passion Fruit fragrance oil
[compare to Victoria's Secret® Moorea Passion Fruit®-brand]

Marvel's Grove™ fragrance oilMarvel's Grove™ fragrance oil
Meadow Musk fragrance oilMeadow Musk fragrance oil
Moroccan Cumin & Comice™ fragrance oilMoroccan Cumin & Comice™ fragrance oil
Nebraska Sunflowers - Revised (Shaw Mudge® brand) fragrance oilNebraska Sunflowers - Revised (Shaw Mudge® brand) fragrance oil
Better Performance!

New England Bayberry fragrance oilNew England Bayberry fragrance oil
Parma Viola d'Udine™ fragrance oilParma Viola d'Udine™ fragrance oil

Pomona's Garden™ fragrance oilPomona's Garden™ fragrance oil
Red Currant (Shaw Mudge® brand) fragrance oilRed Currant (Shaw Mudge® brand) fragrance oil
Click to enlargeRed Hots
Rice Flower and Shame™ fragrance oilRice Flower and Shame™ fragrance oil
[compare to B&BW® Rice Flower & Shea™-brand]

Rustic Table Herbs™ fragrance oilRustic Table Herbs™ fragrance oil
Sacred Datura™ fragrance oilSacred Datura™ fragrance oil

Sake - Revised fragrance oilSake - Revised fragrance oil
Better Performance!

Savannah Wind™ fragrance oilSavannah Wind™ fragrance oil
[compare to Crabtree & Evelyn's® Kalahari®-brand]

Tarte Au Citron fragrance oilTarte Au Citron fragrance oil
[compare to Laura Mercier®-brand]

True Tuberose™ fragrance oilTrue Tuberose™ fragrance oil

Twilight Nymphs™ fragrance oilTwilight Nymphs™ fragrance oil
[compare to Fresh® Hesperides-brand]

White Lilac fragrance oilWhite Lilac fragrance oil

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