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Osage Orange Wood

A very strongly woodsy and unisex scent.

Orange Wood is an unusual, fragrant shrub and a member of the mulberry family found naturally in a very small area of the United States, mostly in northern Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The wood itself is delicately scented with orange and it bears fruit too bitter to be consumed by humans. The fruit are torn apart and the seeds consumed exclusively by squirrels.

The dense wood is very hard, and will not rot or decay. The Osage Nation used the wood to make bows and, since the shrub is covered with thorns and stickers, it's also been cultivated for natural fences and hedges with the name Hedge Apple or Bow Wood.

The fragrance is deeply woodsy and will appeal to those who love a natural, outdoorsy scent. With dusty bottom notes of Earth, Leather, Tonka Bean and Oak, rounded out with middle notes of Mandarin Orange wood, Birch, Angelica, and Pimento Berry. Top notes of Bergamot, Scrub Pine, Juniper and Oak. Sharper notes mellow in CP, and the change improves and strengthens the scent in our opinion.

Packaged in HDPE containers.

Characteristics & Performance




Product Code:


Quality Assurance

Clarity & Color:

A clear, yellow liquid.


170 °F

Refractive Index @ 20°C:

1.4870 - 1.5070

Specific Gravity @ 25°C:

1.0200 - 1.0400

Performance in CP Soap

Scent Strength:

Very Strong at 0.7 Oz./Lb. of base oils.


None noted.


Medium brown..


Sharper notes mellow in CP soap; the change improves and strengthens the scent in our opinion.

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Osage Orange Wood™ fragrance oil 7436-0037

Osage Orange Wood (1 Oz. Sampler) 7436-0437$5.00
Osage Orange Wood (4 Oz.) 7436-0637$13.50
Osage Orange Wood (8 Oz.) 7436-0737$20.75
Osage Orange Wood (16 Oz.) 7436-0837$31.75
Osage Orange Wood (32 Oz.) 7436-0937$61.50
Osage Orange Wood (4 Lb.) 7436-5037$116.85
Osage Orange Wood (8 Lb.) 7436-1037$221.40
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