Imperial Sandalwood

A very sophisticated and dry Sandalwood Spice blend.

This sultry and rich complex fragrance opens with a heady and exotic profusion of Amber, Nutmeg, Cardamom and Coffee.

Along with a Sandalwood much more like actual wood than incense, an astringent quality emerges with the resinous notes of myrrh and carefully balanced incense.

As the middle notes emerge, the fragrance blooms with the subtle woody quality of Patchouli and earthy Vetiver. Just a touch of vanilla adds a sweetness. Closing with an addictive dry down of wood, amber and moss...and the pervasive dominance of Sandalwood.

Many of the extraordinarily complex notes didn't survive the cp soap process at 0.7 Oz./Lb. usage rate. Nevertheless, this is such an incredible scent, we feel it's still well worthwhile. The over-the-top complexity of the blend evolves into a subtly delicious woodsy fragrance.

And it's phthalate-free, too!

Packaged in HDPE containers.

Characteristics & Performance




Product Code:


Quality Assurance

Clarity & Color:

A clear, yellow liquid.



Refractive Index @ 20°C:


Specific Gravity @ 25°C:

1.0600 - 1.0800

Performance in CP Soap

Scent Strength:

Strong at 0.7 Oz./Lb. of base oils.


None noted.


None noted.


Strong but sharper notes are more subtle at rated usage levels.

Performance in Soy Candles

Cold Scent-throw:


Hot Scent-throw:


Cure time:

Short (3-5 days).


Imperial Sandalwood fragrance oil 7438-0011

Imperial Sandalwood (1 Oz. Sampler) 7438-0411$5.50
Imperial Sandalwood (4 Oz.) 7438-0611$14.75
Imperial Sandalwood (8 Oz.) 7438-0711$22.75
Imperial Sandalwood (16 Oz.) 7438-0811$35.00
Imperial Sandalwood (32 Oz.) 7438-0911$67.50
Imperial Sandalwood (4 Lb.) 7438-5011$128.25
Imperial Sandalwood (8 Lb.) 7438-1011$243.00
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