Blue Sugar
[compare to Aquolina®-brand]

Hooboy! The long awaited male counterpart to Pink Sugar has finally arrived and it is beyond sexy!

Masterfully blended, the cotton candy sweetness of Pink Sugar has evolved into something unmistakably masculine with a darker, more toasted sugar note. This brilliant composition then adds the strength of woods, patchouli, fresh herbs and spices. It's nicely balanced; just complex enough to be interesting without being overly busy or heavy handed.

The fragrance opens with a burst of Toasted Caramelized Sugar quickly yielding to woodsy Cedar and warm Tonka Bean. A heart of Patchouli, Licorice, French Lavender, Heliotrope and Coriander is revealed. Finally, lilting notes of Italian Bergamot and Mandarin are balanced by Star Anise and Fresh Ginger.

Best of all, this fragrance doesn't discolor like Pink Sugar. Although there was a very minor pale ivory discoloration noted in one test, cp soap never turned dark.

Packaged in HDPE containers.

Characteristics & Performance




Product Code:


Quality Assurance


Clear, pale yellow.



Refractive Index @ 20°C:

1.4910 - 1.5060

Specific Gravity @ 25°C:

0.9880 - 0.9990

Performance in CP Soap

Scent Strength:

Very Strong at 0.7 Oz./Lb. of base oils.


None noted.


Very minor ivory in some tests.


Soaped easily. Scent fades on pour but returns within hours, with no morphing.

Performance in Soy Candles

Cold Scent-throw:

Very Good..

Hot Scent-throw:

Very Good, but a little lighter than Cold Scent-throw as citrus notes burn off slightly.

Cure time:

5 days.


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Blue Sugar fragrance oil 7438-0017

Blue Sugar (1 Oz. Sampler) 7438-0417$4.50
Blue Sugar (4 Oz.) 7438-0617$12.25
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Blue Sugar (16 Oz.) 7438-0817$29.25
Blue Sugar (32 Oz.) 7438-0917$57.00
Blue Sugar (4 Lb.) 7438-5017$108.30
Blue Sugar (8 Lb.) 7438-1017$205.20
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